"I work predominately with precious metals and gemstones. I am fascinated with how things work and how they are made. Thus my work reflects an attention to construction processes and a commitment to artisanal modes of production. 

My design process often involves the appropriation of basic building forms from history - pyramids, domes - interpreted on a smaller more personal scale. I have a continuing fascination with micro-organisms, tessellations, geodesic domes, space travel and the aesthetics of futuristic architecture. I explore these apparently incongruent elements and interests in my work, finding ways to reconcile and marry the usually opposed aesthetic worlds of the organic and the industrial"

Originally from New Zealand, Emma studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) at Auckland University. Upon relocating to Melbourne, she proceeded to study an Advanced Diploma of Gold and Silversmithing. Since completing her studies, Emma has worked for Melbourne based jewellers William Llewelyn and Julia de Ville. EMMAJANEDONALD/ jewellery is sold in stores and galleries throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Emma currently designs and fabricates by hand the limited edition EMMAJANEDONALD/ jewellery line and custom precious commissions from her jewellery workshop in the Byron Hinterlands, Australia.